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The latest from National Highways

Stewart Jones of National Highways

We recently wrote to Stewart Jones, National Highways' Regional Delivery Director for the North West, following up on our demo at the end of August. For a quick recap, click here.

We've now received his reply.

Whilst there are no revelations and many of the usual justifications for the road proposal are given, we believe that some of the language indicates that much greater consideration is being given to truly multi-modal solutions to port access.

It is our view that, the more these are explored and the more credible they are found to be, the more they will undermine the business case for the road proposal.

This is why the work taking place within Sefton Council and the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is so vital, which explains our other recent letter to Steve Rotheram, here.

We're always alert to the fact that there could well be an element of telling us what we want to hear, but this feels like small steps in a more positive direction. This is coupled with the fact that the new traffic surveys mean yet more delay and more time to find better, more sustainable solutions.

Read the letter in full here:

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