We are mums and dads. We are grandparents. We are teachers, civil servants, employed and self-employed. 
We are diverse. We share a common goal: to stop the road from going ahead.
There are many of us involved in this vital campaign. Here are just a few of us...


Where I grew up, access to green space, clean air and wildlife were a given, so I object to these being taken away from us in pursuit of commercial interests.


And the way it is being done.


As a founding trustee of Rimrose Valley Friends, our essential green space already meant so much to me even before the road threat, so I'm obviously willing to do what I can to defend the green space we need and the air we breathe.


I believe Rimrose Valley Country Park is too valuable a green space to lose.  It is the closest to countryside some children and adults will get to on a regular basis. 
We deserve a solution that reduces pollution across the whole area and most definitely does not increase it.


When the proposed solution to increasing traffic is simply to build yet another motorway, then someone, somewhere isn't doing their job properly.


Having been a member of RVF for 2 years, I first got involved in the campaign when I lost my house buyer because of the threat of the road. I’m disgusted that Highways England could even contemplate destroying a beautiful park despite the opposition from the council and the local community. To lose this green space would be devastating.


The proposed road offers no benefit to local residents and leaves a legacy of pollution for our children.


I'm passionate about ensuring that the beauty and tranquility of Rimrose Valley is available for all communities for generations to come.


Green space needs to be appreciated and used, as once it’s lost, it’s lost for good.


Having been advised to take advantage of fresh air in green spaces by my Consultants, I am appalled that my healthy 'go to’ space is under threat. I’ll do anything I can to help spread the word via social media, maintaining the RVF database and responding to enquiry emails and voicemails to the RVF website.


Rimrose Valley is my passion.

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