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We Said No!: A brand new podcast

As you may remember, towards the end of last year, we asked for volunteers to help produce a series of podcasts with the aim of highlighting our campaign.

A small but committed team was formed and we’re delighted to launch Episode 1 of “We Said No!”.

You can find our podcast on the platform of your choice – we’ve provided links to some of the main ones below. Alternatively, simply search using the words “We Said No” and “Rimrose Valley” and you should find us!

Subsequent episodes will cover a wide range of topics linked to the campaign and just some of the impacts such a road would have.

We’re always on the look out for interesting contributors and would welcome anyone else wanting to join the team to help bring this together.

If you are interested, please email

We hope you enjoy it!

Here’s an introduction to the series and a short trailer as a taster…

In 2017, Highways England announced that they wanted to build a dual carriageway right through the middle of Rimrose Valley, a country park in Sefton near Liverpool. The only green space in a heavily populated and urbanised area.

The purpose of this dual carriageway? To increase the capacity of the nearby Port of Liverpool, owned by Peel Ports. A privately owned organisation based in the Isle of Man. The “We Said No” podcast tells the story of how the campaign to fight the road and the damage to both the environment and to public health came to be. And how its actions brought a community together in defiance of the Government's plans.

If you'd prefer to link directly to the podcast, here's a few links:

Apple Podcasts



Google Podcasts

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