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Ways we can support Ukraine

We're acutely aware of what is happening in Ukraine and we know that the Rimrose Valley communities are passionate about supporting others. We know that many of you have already donated to collections of clothes, toys etc via schools and churches and the response has been amazing. We have received the following update from Sefton CVS which details some of the ways people can help financially, if you are able to, so we wanted to pass this on. "Sefton CVS are encouraging local organisations, businesses and individuals who wish to support the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine to donate to the urgent appeals coordinated by specialist charities including the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), the British Red Cross and UNICEF." o donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Humanitarian Appeal, this is the link

To donate to the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal, this is the link

To donate to UNICEF’s work with children in Ukraine, this is the link

Thank you.

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