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The Rimrose 2020 calendar is now on sale!

We are happy to announce that our 2020 Rimrose Valley Friends calendar is now on general sale from the following locations.


Crosby: Post Office, 150 College Rd L23 3DP

Waterloo: Barnett's Wholefoods, 133 St John's Rd, L22 9QE

Netherton: Cookson's Bridge Pub, 82 Gorsey Lane, L21 0EJ


They will make perfect Christmas presents for you, your friends and family, so please try and support us by purchasing them. We need to not only cover our costs, but actually make some money in order for this to be worthwhile and to be repeated in the future.

All profits will go towards funding for our ongoing work, including the campaign to stop Highways England from destroying Rimrose as we know it.

The calendars are A4-sized, like the example below and priced at £5 each, which we hope you’ll agree is a fair price for a charity calendar.

IMPORTANT: As these locations are selling calendars on our behalf, they can only accept cash, which will go in one of our secure RVF collection tins.

Make sure you get hold of a copy before they sell out!

Thank you for your support!

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