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The A5036 Port of Liverpool Access Scheme and our health and wellbeing

As a campaign, we try to draw attention to the huge impact Highways England’s Port of Liverpool access road would have on the public’s health and wellbeing.

We often have to rely on national statistics and news stories in order to do this. Unfortunately, these are in the headlines more and more often. As recently as 12thJuly, an article highlighted the link between air pollution and heart disease as well as other chronic illnesses, even in children [1].

We wanted to try and bring this a little closer to home and have recently approached a number of different organisations and individuals to get their views on the undoubted harm a new road would do to people’s health and wellbeing here in Sefton.

We are sharing them here and will continue to seek responses as the campaign progresses and we move through the next phases of the planning process.

They include an open letter from doctors at Sefton Community Paediatric Team and statements from Matthew Ashton, Sefton Council’s Director of Public Health; Fiona Taylor, Chief Officer at NHS South Sefton CCG and a spokesperson for Aintree University Hospital.

These are just some of the people responsible for delivering healthcare in our borough, expressing their concerns.

The backdrop to this must always be the damage that is already being done to the lives of residents living alongside the existing A5036 corridor.

We are absolutely clear that any genuine solution cannot push the problem back onto these communities, who are engaged in a fight of their own to improve air quality and living conditions along this route.

There is a place and space for all campaigns.

We may have differing views on how to tackle the problem, but we share similar goals.

What we ALL need is a solution that respects our physical and mental health.

Cleaner, greener, non-road solutions exist.

The trouble is, the Government has never properly explored these, nor explained to us why that is the case.

It’s our job to keep fighting until we’re heard and get a better deal.


“As the Director of Public Health for Sefton, clearly I am concerned by any proposal that could negatively impact on the health and wellbeing of people within Sefton communities, and I will therefore ensure I contribute to any consultation response to Highways England when the opportunity arises.”

Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health / Head of Health & Wellbeing

Sefton Council


“At NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), we are responsible for planning and buying the majority of health services for people living in South Sefton.

In addition, we work closely with a wide range of partners like Sefton Council, NHS provider trusts and voluntary, community and faith sector organisations to improve health and wellbeing, reduce inequalities in health and prevent ill health amongst our residents.

We would therefore not support any proposals that work against our efforts to achieve these goals.”

Fiona Taylor, Chief Officer

NHS South Sefton CCG and NHS Southport and Formby CCG


“Supporting good health and wellbeing among our local communities is our priority. We would encourage our staff who live locally to consider these proposals and contribute to any consultation processes to ensure their voice is heard.”

Spokesperson for Aintree University Hospital



[1] Article taken from The Guardian 12/07/19 linking air pollution to heart disease and other, chronic illnesses:

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