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TfN's Freight & Logistics Strategy Consultation OPEN!

Transport for the North is currently consulting on its first Freight and Logistics Strategy until Monday 31st January, 2022.

This offers a great opportunity to engage with this organisation via its virtual consultation room which can be accessed here:

The 'room' contains lots of useful links for you to read and provide feedback and respondents are encouraged to comment on plans for road, rail and other modes of transporting freight.

We recommend using the roads sections in particular to flag your concerns about the government's A5036 Port of Liverpool Access Scheme and the impact this will have on our part of 'the north'.

It is important that you do so in your own words, but some of the key messages around this scheme and the wider issues of using HGVs to move freight by road include:

  • The climate emergency

  • Public health and wellbeing (impacts of pollution, our mental health)

  • Destruction of green space (loss of biodiversity)

  • Better alternatives were never explored

  • Size of the budget compared to infrastructure projects in the south

You can even reference the council's ARUP report in your reply which you can access here.

Please take a moment to respond via the online consultation room, or if you would prefer to respond via email, you can do that by contacting

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