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Something in the air?

Air quality is an issue for ALL of us in South Sefton... even without the prospect of a new, massively polluting road through the very piece of land where people go to escape the fumes.

We recently contacted Sefton Council's Environmental Health department regarding the almost continuous gas-like smell in/around the docks in Seaforth and Bootle along the A565 Derby Rd as we wanted to know what the source of the problem was.

They're aware of the issue and have been carrying out their own investigations - we'll report back soon.

In the meantime, they provided 2 numbers for people to call if they have any concerns about air quality in the borough...

If the complaint relates to general environmental issues within the Sefton Boundary including odour, smoke, noise, dust etc then these can be registered with the Council's Contact centre on 0345 140 0845 and officers will investigate the concerns.


There are certain industrial processes that operate in Sefton WITHIN the port. These are regulated by the Environment Agency and include waste processing operations, scrap metal processing, animal feed manufacturing and energy production. Environmental complaints about premises regulated by the Environment Agency should be made directly to them using the incident hotline 0800 80 70 60

We hope this is useful and we urge anyone with any concerns about air quality to log these with the relevant body so there's an official record of the incident and they can be formally investigated.

Thank you.

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1 comentario

02 feb 2023

I am delighted to read of the Government's recent Environmental

'Greening of Britain' Paper with promises that everybody would be

able to live within 15 minutes of an open public space for regular exercise.

I currently live within a 2 minute stroll of Rimrose Valley whenever I wish,

[regularly walking from Thornon to Waterloo Station or Litherland Clinic]

but if the counterproductive HGV dual carriage way were built

I shall be within 200 yards of Air, Sound and Light pollution



Me gusta
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