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Rimrose Valley Lantern Event: Here's what you need to know

Here are the final details ahead of tomorrow’s lantern event.

The Parade

If you have made a lantern at one of our sessions at St Mary’s Church and want to take part in the parade you need to collect them from the church at 6pm.

We have attached canes to your lanterns and will be handing these out, along with lights to go inside.

If you haven’t made a lantern, but still want to join the parade, this is the best place for you to start! There may be some spare lanterns to go around.

The address is: St Mary's Community Hall - Park Road, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 3XE

We will be leaving this location at roughly 6:20pm and our guides will lead the way entering Rimrose Valley itself and walking along the main path to the performance area at Derwent Road.

Wrap up warm and please bring a torch!

There are two other departure points with a small amount of lanterns at each: the Beach Road and Kirkstone Road West entrances.

This is to make it a little easier for people who live in different areas around the valley. Again, you are welcome to leave from these points and again, we will have guides to lead the way. Please be there for 6pm.

Beach Road, L21 2PX

Kirkstone Road West, L21 9NR

Each group will then meet up on the main path and walk to the Derwent Road performance area together. Assuming all goes to plan!

The Performance

If you prefer, you don’t need to take part in the parade – you can go directly to the performance area at the Derwent Road entrance and wait for the lanterns to arrive.

The address is: Derwent Road, Crosby, L23 0SX

  • From 6pm onwards, there will be background music as well as a live performance by “Voicepop” choir.

  • Waterfront Catering will be there for you to purchase any refreshments.

  • We will also have an information tent with leaflets about the campaign and calendars for sale, which are £5 each.

We will be keeping you updated on the progress of the parade – please bear with us!

As this is a residential area, we are encouraging everyone to leave their cars at home and to travel on foot. If you do need to travel by car, please park responsibly, not blocking driveways etc.

Once the lanterns have arrived, they will be paraded, before a short dramatic performance by members of the local community with a goody and a baddy in the form of “Major Roadworks”.


*IMPORTANT: As well as some music, there will be a couple of minutes of 'spooky sounds' at this point - but we obviously don’t want to scare any children!

Just like a panto, encourage them to booooooo! Everything will be OK!*


Once the performance has finished, this will be announced over the PA.

And finally

This event is being run by the community, for the community, so please help us to make it go with a swing by getting into the spirit of things.

We will do our best to stick to the schedule, but please be prepared for the timings to be a little flexible!

Both the event and the lantern making sessions we held are free of charge, but it obviously costs the charity money to stage these events. Therefore, any donation you may be able to make on the evening would be hugely appreciated.

Please speak with us about the campaign to save Rimrose Valley and if you want to help us, there is an open invite to get involved.

Thank you – we hope you enjoy the evening!

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