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Rimrose Valley and the Politics of The Proposed Road

We took a walk down to the Port of Liverpool’s gates recently to remind everyone of just some of the political aspects to the proposed road.

We’re all a bit sick of politics at the moment, but without understanding why this scheme is happening (or not, if we can help it) we won’t tackle the source of the problem and our campaign will not be as effective as it needs to be.

So, what is the reason for the proposed road through Rimrose Valley?

In a nutshell, this Government, its Department for Transport and its road-building company, Highways England are doing it to make Peel Ports’ life easier.

Why are they doing this?

Well, one explanation is that the Government is chasing a post-Brexit trade deal with the USA, Liverpool is the closest UK mainland port and Peel Ports want that business.

Don’t forget that Peel and the Department for Transport are close acquaintances.

You can read the full email transcript between Peel Ports and Highways England here.

All of this is after the port was inexplicably allowed to expand without any prior thought being given to the infrastructure needed to support this.

Surprise, surprise – this has resulted in a subsequent increase in HGV traffic.

It’s really that simple.

Claims that a road through vital green space is for ‘the wider economic benefit of the region’ are not only laughable, they do not stand up to scrutiny.

We’ll say it again; the clue is in the project’s name: THE PORT OF LIVERPOOL ACCESS SCHEME.

The only entity which sets to benefit economically from this project is Peel Ports.

Oh and not forgetting Kier Highways, the construction company with a background as credible as Carillion which has been given the job by Highways England.

How transparent was that process?

Coming back to the politics… we know that Sefton Council opposes this scheme, as do both constituency MPs Peter Dowd and Bill Esterson.

However, despite our meeting with Steve Rotheram earlier this year, to our knowledge, there has still be no direct communication between his office and the DfT on this matter.

Why is this?

We’ll be writing to the Metro Mayor again soon, repeating our request for his support and we’ll share with you when we do, but don’t let that stop you doing the same.


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