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Rimrose Stories: Two tales told, through poetry...

Supporters often voice their feelings through brilliantly thought out and emotive pieces of poetry. Here are two that we feel are well worth publishing here on the campaign site.


Poem 1 was written by Jacob, who is just 12 years old. The 'best friend' he mentions is his dog Cola. We thought this was perfect for our Rimrose Stories feature and we hope you agree.

Rimrose Valley

As I stroll through untamed grass

My best friend at my side

The noisy crickets chirruping

Hop away and hide

White butterflies are fluttering, snowflakes falling from the sky

A hungry hawk silently circling up high

Bluebells stain the ground like a swirling sea

Dragonfly hovers atop a puddle

Nature makes me feel so free

I release my little friend

She darts about as wind whips round the trees

I want to keep this Utopia, protect this gift of peace

Exercisers running, cycling and walking,

Dogs resting in the shade,

In the branches, birds are squawking

The plants are creeping inwards, slowly growing back.

Flora and fauna at risk of attack

This tranquil haven, hidden away from the harshness of modern life

Man-powered monsters requested to breach the peace

This natural space could be overrun,

To save it, the machines and building must cease,

Nature undone!

I want to always stroll through the untamed grass,

My best friend at my side.


Our 2nd poem which is equally lovely, was recently posted on the Rimrose Valley Friends Facebook group, so we wanted to share it here.

Simon Jones' words are a timely reminder of what's at stake. This is what keeps us going.

Please don't take our valley Where herons roam and tadpoles rally Concrete never brought no good To nature's flowers and leafy woods Please don't take our valley

Canal boats drift like shifting sand And somewhere on this grassy land A meadow lain by nature's hand The wild and peaceful valley

Walkers walk and cyclists ride Magpies chat and herons glide It's where a lot of hearts reside On lovely Rimrose valley.


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