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PRESS RELEASE: Peel Ports, turn your words into actions

Gary Hodgson of Peel Ports

The Save Rimrose Valley campaign is calling for Peel Ports to turn its recent statements [1] on the need for a multi-modal solution to transporting freight from northern ports into positive action. In an article on the company’s website, Gary Hodgson, Managing Director of Port Logistics wrote:

“We have a responsibility as operators to consider a joined-up approach to connectivity beyond the port gates, working together to deliver a multimodal solution to relieve the pressure being put on surrounding road and rail networks due to increased throughput.”

He went on to state that “rail connectivity is the number one priority”.

Responding on behalf of the campaign, Stuart Bennett said:

“We welcome these comments, as they acknowledge what we have been saying for a long, long time: roads aren’t the answer. Although he was speaking in the context of west to east connectivity across the UK, we believe that rail intervention is essential closer to home. A non-road solution to moving freight from the port to the motorway network has become an urgent requirement in light of everything we know about the pollution, environmental damage and carbon emissions Highways England’s road would cause.

“Worryingly, Peel Ports have also recently announced the next phase in the port’s expansion [2] which will further increase capacity and only this week we have been told that they have received government funding [3] to accommodate parking facilities for even more HGVs. Does this sound like a company prioritising sustainability?

“Peel Ports' statements bring with them a responsibility to acknowledge that a road solution here in Sefton is fundamentally flawed and must be scrapped. They have previously told us that a rail link to the motorway network isn’t acceptable to them [4] as it is inefficient and not conducive to supporting their regional clients. We say that’s not our fault. We won’t accept the destruction of our green space and poisoning of our air for their convenience.

“We call on Peel Ports to use its influence to demand a long-term rail solution to the congestion and pollution problems their operations have contributed to in our borough.

"Otherwise their words are empty and nothing more than a PR exercise.

“For our part, we are ready and willing to work with both Peel Ports and the Department for Transport on a better solution.”

Notes and references

[1] Link to article by Port Logistics Managing Director, Gary Hodgson on Peel Ports’ website:

[2] Latest news on further expansion of Port of Liverpool’s deep-water container terminal:

[3] Details of government funding received by Peel Ports:

[4] This was communicated by Peel Ports in our meeting with them in March 2018. Minutes available on request:

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