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PRESS RELEASE: Demonstration against boreholes on Rimrose Valley

The Save Rimrose Valley campaign is responding to Highways England’s ongoing exploratory work across Rimrose Valley Country Park, by holding a demonstration on Tuesday, 4th February.

Eighteen boreholes of up to 30m in depth are being drilled along sections the proposed route and trenches are being dug in the first, visible work to be carried out by Highways England and its various sub-contractors.

The work is proceeding despite concerns having been raised in relation to the public’s health and safety [1] which, the campaign believes, have not been fully addressed.

Stuart Bennett on behalf of Save Rimrose Valley said:

“We’re holding this demonstration not against the workers themselves, but against the politicians and organisations who are allowing this to happen. Our green space is under attack.

“Road building on this scale is hugely destructive, not only to our health but also the environment. It will drive up carbon emissions at a time we need to be reducing them. Climate change continues to dominate the headlines, but this Government’s transport policies haven’t caught up with its own declaration of a ‘climate emergency’ nor its desires to preserve green space and improve air quality.

“Decisions are being made for the benefit of powerful, profit-driven companies and the rights and needs of the people are being ignored. Only last month, we shared communications between Highways England and Peel Ports [2] and their joint efforts in pushing this scheme through.

“We are urging our supporters to join us in sending a message to Highways England and the Government to leave Rimrose Valley alone. For more details, search for Save Rimrose Valley on social media.”


[1] Link to correspondence between Save Rimrose Valley and Highways England regarding health and safety concerns:

[2] Link to documents obtained via Freedom of Information request:

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