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PRESS RELEASE: Campaign group to stage protest at Highways England information event

The Save Rimrose Valley campaign is urging everyone who cares about green space, air pollution and the environment to object to plans for a dual carriageway [1] to be built down the centre of the much-loved parkland at public information events [2] being held by Highways England this week.

The campaign wants its supporters to send a clear and powerful message; that a new road is not welcome and to demand that better alternatives are researched and offered to the public.

A protest will be held outside Tuesday’s event in Seaforth to highlight the impacts of the road proposal and to question Highways England’s conduct in the project so far.

Speaking ahead of the action, Stuart Bennett of the Save Rimrose Valley campaign said:

“We are looking forward to making our voice heard and to speaking to everyone who is able to attend these sessions about the devastating impacts such a road would have on our communities.

“We want answers from Highways England. Given that this is such a controversial project, with huge implications for our health and the environment, why have we been given less than two weeks’ notice for these sessions? They are midweek, at times that make it difficult for working families and school children to attend. Why aren’t these sessions being held a week later, at half-term? Why are they not covering weekends? Have these timings been designed for the public’s convenience, or Highways England’s?

“This is the latest example of shoddy behaviour by the government-owned company. In August, it misled the public [3] in claiming that its preferred route for the road had been upheld in court, which was completely untrue. We have serious concerns over their conduct and also want to find out more about how closely they have been dealing with Peel Ports, the privately-owned company that is by far the biggest beneficiary of this road.

“Our message to the public is simple: turn out in force, reject the road outright and demand a sustainable alternative. We believe people will see through this latest attempt to ‘sell’ the road scheme and view it for what it is; a public health and environmental disaster. Search for “save Rimrose Valley” on social media and follow us for more information.”


[1] The proposed road through Rimrose Valley Country Park is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project and a replacement for the current A5036 Liverpool Port Access Road.

The DfT instructed Highways England to design a road to service the newly-expanded Port of Liverpool; facilitating more HGV movements.

In its public consultation Highways England offered only two options; both of which were unpalatable to the local community and in fact weren’t any choice at all. Option B (Rimrose Valley) was the least favoured. Summary of results here:

[2] Link to H.E. project information page:

[3] Link to apology issued by H.E.

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