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PRESS RELEASE: Calls to rally against damaging Port of Liverpool Access road

The Save Rimrose Valley campaign is calling on people from across Liverpool to join a mass demonstration on Friday, 20th August, 2021. Its purpose is to protest against Highways England’s plans to build a dual carriageway through Rimrose Valley Country Park in north Liverpool [3]. The aim is to highlight the knock-on impacts this would have on the surrounding communities’ health and wellbeing and on climate change.

The action – which is their first since the Covid-19 pandemic – will begin with a rally on Rimrose Valley itself. Guest speakers include local MPs Bill Esterson and Peter Dowd, and high-profile environmental campaigners from CPRE The Countryside Charity, Transport Action Network and Friends of the Earth.

Protestors will then march to and from the Port of Liverpool’s entrance to highlight the major stake it has in the road project.

Stuart Bennett of the Save Rimrose Valley campaign said:

“It is 4 years since the Port of Liverpool access road was announced by Highways England. Since then, national, regional and local government have each declared climate emergencies and we’ve now had the starkest warning of them all from the United Nations’ IPCC Report [4] which issued a ‘code red for humanity’ [5]. With roads and transport being the UK’s biggest contributor to CO2 emissions, Highways England’s plans look more out of touch with reality every passing day. We need to stop making things worse and take urgent action to reduce emissions. Yet this and other environmentally destructive road projects are still being pursued.

“This road proposal has already faced one legal challenge and political and public opposition continues to grow. The pandemic has shown everyone just how vital our green spaces are for our health, wellbeing and wildlife and how these need to be nurtured and cherished, not bulldozed into oblivion.

“We are calling on everyone who cares about protecting our green space, clean air and our planet to come and join us in saying that enough is enough. We hope that other communities will join us in solidarity to see off this shameful attack on Liverpool by Highways England and the government’s Department for Transport. We want to show that we are united in opposing this damaging new road and that the people of Liverpool deserve better. There is still time to pull back from this ill-conceived scheme and to come up with a sustainable solution to meet the Port of Liverpool’s transport needs. Sefton Council’s 2020 ARUP report [6] is a great place to start.”

Save Rimrose Valley are encouraging people to come by public transport, on foot or by bike. More details can be found on their website and social media.


[1] Access by Glenwyllin Road entrance (Glenwyllin Road, Waterloo, Sefton, L22 4RN), with the rally taking place on the adjacent running track on Rimrose Valley.

[2] March route to be confirmed. We are currently working with Sefton Council & Merseyside police.

[3] Link to summary of Port of Liverpool Access Scheme:

[4] Link to IPCC’s 6th Report on Climate Change:

[5] Summary of report headlines in Guardian article:

[6] Link to Sefton Council’s ARUP report which documents viable and sustainable alternatives to the movement of freight containers in and out of ports, which our campaign supports

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