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Portraits of a Place: Rimrose Valley

Crosby-based photography partnership McCoy Wynne travel the world - less so recently obviously - creating images for commercial customers both here in the UK and internationally. Their clients include advertising agencies, multinational organisations and government departments and they have a well-earned reputation for their architectural, interior and people & portrait projects.

The partnership was formed in 1997 by Steve McCoy and Stephanie Wynne who both share a passion for people and the environment. Which is why, aside from their commercial work, you’ll often see one or both of them on Rimrose Valley with cameras in hand.

They’ve been capturing vast numbers of images of the valley since 2016 and many of these have now become a part of an exhibition of their work in Liverpool city centre.

Ropes & Twines on Bold Street host works by artists and photographers and two McCoy Wynne projects; Beach of Bricks and The Rimrose Valley, are currently on display. Beach of Bricks is a study of the debris created by the blittz during WW2 which was deposited on Crosby beach, while The Rimrose Valley focuses on, Rimrose Valley!

Steve and Stephanie have kindly given us permission to share these images and a few of them can be seen here on this page. You can view many more of the images by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

And next time you’re in Liverpool city centre, why not pop in to Ropes & Twines on Bold Street and see the exhibition for yourself?

To view more images from The Rimrose Valley project, click the link below:

To view more images from the Beach of Bricks project, click the link below:

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