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Peel Ports' latest response

Port Director, Phillip Hall, has responded to our follow-up letter to Peel Ports CEO, Claudio Veritiero on his behalf.

Whilst it doesn't address the specific points made, there is a commitment to engage more fully with the Port Access Steering Group (PASG) and to raise the contents of each of our recent letters in that forum.

We welcome this development and hope that greater involvement also leads to more innovative thinking than we have seen to date.

As for PASG itself, we will continue to press for greater transparency of this group and will keep you updated on any progress made.

In acknowledging this letter, we reminded Peel Ports that Peter Dowd had offered to meet with them to discuss the matter, late last year.

This followed the Bootle MP receiving a briefing from Mersey Maritime ahead of the Westminster Hall Debate on the issue of the Port of Liverpool Access Road. As Peel Ports (and Peel Land & Property) are listed as partners of Mersey Maritime on their website it is natural to assume that they were acting on the port's behalf.

Mr Hall advised that he would indeed contact both Peter Dowd and Sefton Central MP, Bill Esterson on the matter, so we hope this leads to productive discussions.

You can read the letter in full, below.

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