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Our letter to Highways England: Follow up

Peter Mumford, Director of Major Projects, Highways England

Last week, we received a response to our letter to Highways England's Chief Executive Officer, Jim O'Sullivan. This was delegated to Peter Mumford, Director of Major Projects. Whilst there was interest in the Arup report, the rest of Highways England's response was disturbing, so we have replied to that, too. Both letters can be seen below.

Given the pushback we are receiving and how easy it is to dismiss a campaign like ours, it is clear that the role our politicians have to play is more important than ever. We are therefore pursuing this with both Sefton Council and our MPs as a matter of urgency.


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1 Comment

Catherine O'Rourke
Catherine O'Rourke
Jan 27, 2021

Amazing response Stu,think they now know they're in a fight -one they won't win !!

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