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Our latest approach to Peel Ports

Peel Ports' CEO, Claudio Veritiero

Following the government's recent announcement that the Port of Liverpool Access Road proposal has been pushed back to 2025-30 at the earliest, we've once again written to Peel Ports to explore how open they are to pursuing a different approach.

We hope that their (relatively) new CEO, Claudio Veritiero, gives more consideration to our views than his predecessor.

Back in 2021 we exchanged correspondence following our march to the Port of Liverpool's gates which saw a huge turnout. For a reminder of a demo that will live long in the memory, click here.

Sadly, this wasn't very productive, to put it mildly.

We are again seeking constructive dialogue and to work together on a way forward which allows the port to grow, but in a sustainable manner, which respects our health and our environment.

You can read our letter in full, below:

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