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National Highways confirms further delays to road proposal

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

We recently noticed that an update was posted to National Highways' project website for the A5036 Port of Liverpool Access Scheme.

Everyone who has subscribed to receive updates on the project would normally have been sent an email, but none were received and nothing had been posted to our Facebook community group. Our supporters are usually great at spotting this kind of thing!

We queried this with National Highways who have confirmed that this was a glitch, which has since been corrected.

We're sharing the update here and have also asked for clarification around the timings of the next consultation.

However, based on this update, it won't be happening in 2022.

It is good that they are revisiting traffic modelling, given that the world has changed so much in recent years.

People's commuting patterns have changed, many work from home and port-related traffic has increased as a result of Brexit and now the Freeport activity.

We expect this to be reflected in the new findings.

Whilst delay is one of the best 'weapons' for defeating these schemes, it does nothing to address the living conditions for communities along the A5036 corridor TODAY.

Far better to scrap this doomed scheme NOW and to invest in 21st century, sustainable infrastructure.

That's exactly what we'll keep calling for.

You can read the full update below:

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