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The Clock is ticking...

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

As Highways England intends to press ahead with its plans to build the road and to stick to current timescales, we wanted to remind everyone of the dates it is working to. We feel that this approach pays absolutely no respect to the legal process, nor the public. But we have to work on the basis that the existing timescales apply.

We hope the graphic helps to convey the key milestones in the process and just how small a window we have to influence this decision.  This is why everything we are doing now to raise awareness and generate media interest is so important.

Whilst we hope that the Judicial Review concludes that the consultation process wasn’t handled correctly and results in better options being explored and presented to the public, we can’t rely on this being the case.

We ask that you continue to spread the word and join us in opposing this road. To view the graphic timeline, please click here. And feel free to download and share.

Thank you.

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