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Highways England seeking legal access to Rimrose Valley after being blocked by Sefton Council

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Highways England is pressing ahead with a road through Rimrose Valley [1], despite the ongoing Judicial Review into their consultation. It is also seeking legal advice on gaining access to Rimrose Valley after Sefton Council’s refusal to grant it a licence to drill exploratory boreholes along the proposed route [2].

Highways England aims to commence work in the middle of March.

Stuart Bennett of Rimrose Valley Friends [3] said:

“Whilst this is only investigative work, it is obviously a visually intrusive and negative development which will concern many people.

“This shows the arrogance of Highways England. Despite the Judicial Review it is carrying on as though nothing has changed. It is clear that it cares little for the devastation and destruction that it will wrought on our local communities.

“We are urging everyone who cares about Rimrose Valley to be ready to come and demonstrate if and when Highways England invade our valley. It needs to know that we will not give up opposing this monstrosity of a road.

“Anyone with a passion for saving Rimrose Valley should follow our Campaign on Facebook and Twitter. They can also sign up as a friend of Rimrose Valley on our website and receive regular updates. We will let people know about the timing of any protests as soon as we know more.”

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