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FULL ITINERARY & ROUTE: Friday 20th August

After A LOT of hard work and planning, we're now in a position to confirm the itinerary for our demo and the route of our march this Friday 20th August.

Please take time to familiarise yourselves with the below and tell anyone you believe needs to know.

In addition to the road signage already in place, both Merseyside Police and Sefton Council have asked us to circulate this as widely as possible in order for people to know in advance the roads that will be impacted - both during the march and in the time afterwards for traffic to clear.

There will be a rolling roadblock and other temporary traffic management measures in place which will undoubtedly cause significant disruption on Friday, so please try and plan your travel accordingly using the timings shown and consider alternative routes or even the train / bike where practical.

We do apologise in advance for the inconvenience this may cause, but also thank everyone - including the council and the police - for recognising and facilitating our legal right to protest.

Responding to individual questions/comments will be difficult for our small team, but we'll monitor these and also share some of our responses to 'frequently asked questions' tomorrow (not that we've ever done anything like this before...!!) to address some of the more obvious queries you may have.

However THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to us is people's safety and - after hearing first-hand the lengths the authorities are going to - we are completely reassured that this will be what we want it to be: a family-friendly, positive protest, that will be safe for all - old and young alike.

With approval in place, it's now a numbers game, so please, PLEASE join us if you can to make this as big and as memorable as possible.

We invite EVERYONE to join us to highlight not only the fight to save our park, but also to call for living conditions to be improved for ALL in South Sefton, including the existing A5036 corridor.

Thank you

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