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Council's pledge to fight on is welcome news

The Save Rimrose Valley campaign believes Sefton Council’s decision not to appeal the High Court’s recent ruling is sensible, in light of the judgement [1].

Based on the Council’s statement [2], it is clear that it will continue to challenge Highways England’s plans throughout the process, suggesting that further legal action has not been ruled out.

Stuart Bennett from the Save Rimrose Valley campaign said:

“The judgement didn’t leave much room for manoeuvre, so we’re not surprised the Council has taken this decision. Rather than waste money on a symbolic appeal, it will be able to ensure it has the resources for a challenge later on, when the chances of success may be greater.

“We have requested that Highways England involves us in the planning of the Statutory Consultation on its preferred route, which is planned for ‘Spring 2019’. We have also asked the Council to notify us when discussions on this commence. We want to ensure it is as simple as possible for people to get involved and to have their say.

“We believe the scheme should be thrown out in its entirety, on the grounds that no amount of mitigation can compensate for the massive destruction Highways England’s plans will cause.

“We can’t be distracted by conversations about what colour fencing and what kind of leisure facilities will be provided as part of the new road’s construction. These aren’t real choices. Who on earth would want to exercise or play next to a 4-lane carriageway, filled with HGVs? It’s ridiculous. We are fighting to keep hold of our green space; not what to do with the scraps that are left after any road is built.

“In the meantime, we are encouraging everyone to take part in our own, ‘alternative’ public consultation [3], which offers FOUR solutions to the problems we are facing as a result of the Port of Liverpool’s expansion. People can learn how to do this by following us on social media and visiting


[1] Link to High Court Ruling PDF

[2] Link to Sefton Council’s Press Release:

[3] Link to Save Rimrose Valley Consultation:

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