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BLOG: A sobering thought

My Rimrose Story, By Paul McDermott

Merseyside has a substantial acreage of green fields and natural beauty, enough to be a positive counter to the carbon dioxide-related poisoning of our atmosphere. Nature is a maintenance-free, fully automatic recycling “plant” (in every sense of the word) which re-releases the oxygen we need to live and breathe.

Every tree felled and every hedgerow which disappears to facilitate the building of a factory, a housing estate or a motorway increases the depth and extent of our carbon footprint. Once lost, it will take a full generation in human terms for every tree to grow to full maturity and replace the one which was lost.

A sobering thought. We as a species do not have the time to wait.

The 66 million living in the UK averages almost 700 per square mile. Population density in England alone is almost 1100 p.s.m. By comparison, population density in Denmark (8 million residents) works out at circa 130 p.s.m.  Despite this, Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries are concerned about their carbon footprint AND are working pro-actively to improve their environment.

The geographical location of Rimrose Valley is JUST as important as its size and the protected nature of certain flora and fauna which still manage to exist there. Without this buffer zone between the coast road and the motorway network the waste CO2 our human metabolism cannot process adds to the greenhouse effect and accelerates global warming.

Any freight link to Liverpool docks would be detrimental to the environment.

It is in everyone’s best long-term interest to choose the option which will do least damage. We must consider our children and grandchildren, and all future generations who will be forced to live with the irreversible consequences of what we decide on their behalf TODAY.

There are still some – including (just about!) myself – who have fond memories of the Overhead Railway which was once a pleasant Sunday treat as a ‘day out’. A rail link would be less damaging than a new road, and would intrude LEAST on the beauty of Rimrose Valley.

Liverpool Overhead Railway, Seaforth Sands. By Dr Neil Clifton

Here’s the “bigger picture”.

Revitalising the route of the “Dockers’ Umbrella” and extending it North to Southport AND South to John Lennon Airport would be a huge asset to Liverpool’s growing popularity as a Tourist Destination. Revenue from passenger traffic as well as transferring freight to/from Liverpool Docks would have the costs covered far more quickly!

It’s time to choose.

You get what you pay for. Or you pay for what you get.

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