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Be prepared. The consultation is coming...

"What is it, and how can I get involved?"

Highways England will soon consult the public about Rimrose Valley.

This is a really important time for us all to get involved, get active and to have our say.

"What is it?"

The purpose of the Statutory Consultation is to enable Highways England to get the public’s opinion on how it wants the road to look; things like fencing, flowers, footpaths and so on.

To do this, Highways England will be holding consultation events at locations around Rimrose Valley.

This is likely to take place in spring/summer of this year and will last a minimum of 4 weeks.

Whilst Highways England may not want to hear our thoughts on the road itself, we need to use this opportunity to make them listen!

"How can I get involved?"

This is really easy, but incredibly important. It requires a little bit of time and effort, but we know you can do it!

We need ALL of our supporters, families and friends to turn out in force to Highways England’s consultation events and to deliver a very simple and clear message: that they and their road are not welcome here.

This is the kind of thing we will probably need to do…

  • Fill out a paper form/questionnaire at an event (EFFECTIVE!)

  • Complete a form/questionnaire online (EFFECTIVE!)

  • Personally email Highways England (LESS EFFECTIVE… BUT STILL WORTHWHILE!)

The questionnaire will be focussed on the details around the road itself; however, there should be a section, e.g. “Any other comments”, for you to express yourself.

This is your opportunity to sock it to ‘em!

Here’s what we’ll be saying…

  • We don’t want your road

  • We don’t want your pollution

  • We value our health and wellbeing, especially our children’s

  • We value our green space and wildlife and want to protect it for future generations to enjoy

  • We want better solutions to be explored and to be presented to the public

  • We want these to respect the health and wellbeing of residents in ALL of the impacted communities in South Sefton, including those living alongside the A5036

  • We want more money for the project to enable a proper job to be done

  • Your ‘solution’ doesn’t actually solve a thing; it replicates and perpetuates the congestion problems already experienced in our area

We know what we’re talking about

We aren’t going to give up the fight until someone sees sense and this road is stopped.

We hope you’re ready to fight for Rimrose Valley’s future, too.

Look out for other actions – including demonstrations – around this time and get involved!

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