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2023 and beyond...

After several years of little movement (apart from the ever-growing opposition...!) 2023 looks set to be a pivotal year in which National Highways is due to hold a statutory consultation on its preferred route - a dual carriageway right along the length of Rimrose Valley.

When this happens, things will 'get real' as we will be locked into the planning process and timescales for these major, nationally significant projects.

The clock will be ticking... construction could start in just 2 short years.

We can't let it get that far.

To respond properly, we need a diverse, proactive and positive team that is truly representative of our communities.

If you've been thinking of getting more involved in the campaign to Save Rimrose, but something's held you back... NOW is the time to do it!

We're on the lookout for new campaigners to help us plan and deliver our activities in 2023 and beyond.

Whether it's handing out flyers, fundraising, being creative, or joining us on a march, you will be welcomed and will be playing a vital role in our fight.

By doing this, you'll become part of an even wider movement to combat the climate emergency and to protect our planet... so why not make this a belated new year's resolution?

To get involved, email for a chat about how you might be able to help.

Thank you 🌳✊💚

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