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Peel Ports in the dock: Our Latest Podcast

We’re delighted to share the latest instalment of our very own podcast series: “We Said No!”.

If you’re not familiar with this podcast already, we’re using it to explore a wide range of issues relating to our campaign, with contributions from some fantastic individuals, organisations and members of our community.

You can download this from the podcast provider of your choice – we’ve provided a useful link below. In Episode 3, we address the elephant in the room, namely Peel Ports.

Highways England’s road proposal is called the Port of Liverpool Access Scheme and yet, whilst the port’s owner and operator, Peel Ports, is regularly in the news cheering the expansion of its operations, its shiny new cranes, bigger ships and the positive effects of Brexit (…and even Covid-19?!) on business, you won’t hear them talking about their Port Access Road.


So, with your help, we’ve done this for them!

We share the views and concerns of local residents and hear one HGV driver’s story. We ask whether Peel Ports really contributes to the local economy and cares about the surrounding community, or if its interest ends at the port gates?

We also reveal just how closely Peel Ports is working with Highways England to try and push this scheme through and learn about Friends of the Earth’s efforts to engage with the company on the key issues of pollution and the environmental damage resulting from its operations.

Anyone who has been keeping an eye on developments this past few years needs to listen to this powerful episode.

It’s not to be missed.

If you’d like to get involved with our podcast team and help us to research and deliver future episodes, why not get in touch?

Email and we’ll get back to you.

Here’s a link to the full podcast series and the platforms it’s available on:

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