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Our ongoing correspondence with Peel Ports

We are keen to follow up on our recent correspondence with Peel Ports' CEO Mark Whitworth, so we have written to him again.

You can read this letter here.

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Oct 28, 2021

Surely containers should be moved by rail and not by road. Why connect the container terminal to the M62 which is already over-loaded. Rail freight produces less pollution than by road and takes up less land space. I used to live in Crosby and later in Maghull.

Sandy Kennedy. Sheffield😓


Oct 11, 2021

During my stroll along the canal on Saturday to the Cathedral for

a gathering of 'environmentalists' for a service prior to COP26

I passed under the rusting railway bridge of the dock goods line

that is 300yds from the congested A5063 by the Litherland Tesco.

The line continued to the Ormskiirk line that passes just 50 yards

from the M57/58 junction and half a mile from the old Cheshire line.

Happy days when the docks were thriving.

Worth consideration as it is just goods that need shifting at night

and I am sure Tesco and the adjacent industrial estates would chip in.

Ted Seagrave.

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