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Letter to Liverpool City Region Chief Executive

The Port of Liverpool - photo credit, Peel Ports

We have previously talked about the role that the Port Access Steering Group (PASG) has to play in relation to the road proposal we are fighting.

This group's members include (but are not limited to) Peel Ports, National Highways, the Department for Transport, Network Rail and officers from Sefton Council, adjoining Councils (such as Warrington and Liverpool) and the Combined Authority itself.

It is worth noting that this group is meant to cover all aspects of port access, hence Network Rail's involvement, but as this clearly includes road, this explains National Highways presence.

The group used to be chaired by Sefton Council. However, following its opposition to the Port of Liverpool Access Road, the group went through a period where meetings ceased, until this was picked up again and responsibility for chairing it moved to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

We have long held concerns over the transparency of this group, its remit and what appear to be vested interests of certain stakeholders.

This is why we have written to the current Chair of PASG, the LCRCA's Chief Executive, Katherine Fairclough.

You can read the letter in full, below and we will update you on any response received.

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