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Thank you, Estelle... and good luck!

Estelle Worthington - North West Campaigns Organiser, Friends of the Earth

Environmental campaigning can be a bit of a thankless task, so it's really important to say 'thank you' when the opportunity arises.

As many of you will know, we have had fantastic support from Friends of the Earth over the years - not only from our own Liverpool branch, but also our regional, North West team.

Estelle Worthington has been the North West Campaigns Organiser covering Merseyside for much of the time we've been going.

Along with Craig Bennett (then CEO of Friends of the Earth, now CEO of The Wildlife Trusts), Estelle was instrumental in bringing our campaign to the attention of the national team and helped us to organise the wonderful 'Wish Tree' event with local primary schools, and host a debate around port access at Crosby Lakeside, both of which Craig attended.

This work led to us receiving a lovely bit of recognition at their Groundswell event back in 2019.

Earthmovers Awards 2019

Estelle has also worked hard to keep the issue on the radar of our Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram, including a specific pledge around sustainable port operations, which he signed up to prior to his re-election last year... the only "local" commitment he made (number 10, below)

Climate Action Plan for Liverpool City Region Metro Mayoral candidates

The reason for this piece is that Estelle finishes her role next week before moving onto pastures new... and (hopefully) a little bit of distance from constantly battling environmentally destructive plans such as ours, the proposed coal mine in Cumbria and fracking, to name but a few.

We know we speak on behalf of the whole campaign team and our supporters in saying a big "thank you" to Estelle for her support and wishing her good luck for the future.

We will miss her!

Estelle addresses the crowds at our march to Peel Ports, August 2021

Happily, the equally fantastic Helen Rimmer will be resuming responsibility for Merseyside and is just as passionate about our campaign, so we look forward to carrying on our work together and, more importantly, securing a successful outcome.

Helen has attended our events and rallies and we hope to welcome her back to Rimrose soon.

Campaigning can feel pretty lonely and hopeless at times. Thanks to people like Estelle and Helen, we know we're not alone.

Onwards and upwards!

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