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Pete Wilson: My Rimrose Story

Rimrose Valley has to stay.

The people use it every day.

A wide green space with nice long paths.

Where native birds are taking baths.

Different creatures that call it home.

Where many species like to roam.

The stoat, the rabbit, the  long eared bat.

The hedgehog, the fox. So not just the rat.

Where runners train and cyclists ride.

Leeds Liverpool canal right by their side.

School kids walk across each day.

Rimrose Valley has to stay.

Where locals walk to get some peace.

The open space is a great release.

A local place for people to go.

Come rain or shine or the deepest snow.

Where painted rocks are hidden and found.

And children search along the ground.

Where locals have created art.

The scouts garden looking smart.

They want to take all this away.

Replaced by noise all night and day.

Replaced by dangerous toxic air.

How does this sound close to fair?

Only one thing left to say.

Rimrose Valley has to stay!!

By Pete Wilson

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