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Letter to Sefton Council on port-related developments

There have been several significant developments locally over the past week or so which relate directly and indirectly to our campaign and to port access in general.

We have written to our Council Leader to seek clarity on these points and to request a meeting after the general election with both constituency MPs and the Metro Mayor.

We realise that parliament has been dissolved, so have included previous MPs for Bootle and Sefton Central for this purpose only and will pick this up again immediately after the general election with the newly-elected MPs for each constituency.

Read our letter in full here:

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1 Comment

Grindl Dockery
Grindl Dockery
Jun 11

Supposedly we can have more influence on local issues at council level, but we must not take this for granted as we saw with Coucil leader Anderson! We have to be prepared to stand up and be counted to protect our society and public services! We also need a change in the voting system to a PR (proportional representation) system which is more democratic and all votes are counted whereas now that is not the case under the current FPP ! If you want change we will have to get involved, challenge our representatives to do the right thing by all citizens. No excuses get out to vote and challenge those in power to do the right thing!😉🙄👁‍ Grindl

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