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Thank you for taking the time to submit your photograph for the Rimrose Valley 2022 calendar. It's really easy to send an image. Simply choose your very best photo of Rimrose Valley, making sure it is the highest resolution available. If you're using images taken on your smartphone, check your settings to ensure that it isn't set to 'smallest size possible', 'thumbnail' or 'low res image'. We need the largest, clearest image you have! 


If you want to, you can tell us a few details about the photo, and don't forget to tick the permissions box. If the image you upload shows people, it is your responsibility to secure the relevant permissions from those people or, in the case of children, their parents. By clicking 'I consent to this image being used' you are confirming that you have done so. Best of luck with your entry and thanks again for taking part!

SRV nicolas-ladino-silva-o2DVsV2PnHE-unsplash.jpg
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